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AJ’s Family Fun Center

1 (616) 785-0077

4400 Ball Park Drive
Comstock Park MI, 49321
Visit Website

12 AM to 8 PM
4 AM to 9 PM
4 AM to 9 PM
4 AM to 9 PM
4 AM to 9 PM
4 AM to 10 PM
11 AM to 10 PM

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There's so much to do at AJ's Family Fun Center, you'll have to come back again and again to experience all the fun. Visit our Activities page for more information and rates on fun activities like:

•Arcade games
•Batting cages
•Bumper boats

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    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

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    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

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    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

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    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

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    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

    AJ’s Family Fun Center | Discounts | Lowell Michigan Coupons

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